About Anne Lane

Wouldn't it be great to just skip the ‘inner work’, snap your fingers and feel fabulous right now? (Be honest, no judgement here.) Sorry, but, as my mentor says, You have to walk through your own transformational fire to be the gold.” I've been through the fire. Now my healing gifts, my gold, is waiting to be shared with you. 

How I support you

I am an energy worker, healer, teacher and safe haven for the energy conscious or energy curious. After working for over 10 years in the fertility field as a naturopath, I felt the call to focus more on my energy medicine and healing work.

In this work, you get to experience health and vitality by helping to energetically dissolve the residues of the past, recharge your energy field, and harmonize the systems in your body.

This energy work is always expanding and evolving. You reap the benefits! One of my greatest gifts is being able to combine my practical knowledge with my energy sensitivity and intuition. This pragmatic and direct approach help you save time and focus on what really matters - your energy, health, & vitality.

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